Having been relegated to the Championship, Blackburn Rovers manager Steve Kean finds his future up in the air after meetings with club owners Venkys last week.

The Blackburn boss presented future plans for the club in two three hour meetings but the future of the Scot is still uncertain.

No one within the club quite knows what is going on with executives, staff and players all in the dark regarding the manager’s future at the club.

Over the weekend sources suggested Kean would be removed from his managerial position and offered a new role within the academy. But with no confirmation from Venkys or Kean no one quite knows what offer has been made or what his response was.

But the decision to not completely remove Kean from Ewood Park will produce mixed emotions from many supporters, who want the Scot to leave Rovers with his P45 in hand.

The problem with Blackburn and Venkys is that the decision lies with one person, Mrs Desai. Her willingness to stick by Kean is somewhat bemusing especially when brothers Venky and Balaji and additional Rovers executives have all displayed their eagerness to sack the under fire boss.

Several newspapers have reported mixed ideas regarding the situation, but with no confirmation from Kean or Venkys every article should be taken with a pinch of salt. But one thing we can verify is that Blackburn Rovers is a farce.


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